Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Open Door Emitting Light Atop Pile of Rubble, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Data Backup and Protection Concept

Business continuity goes beyond a defined process or plan, it is in fact a state of being for a business. When full business continuity is achieved, it fully prepares a business to not only recover from a disaster, but also protects the business from the adverse effects of that disaster. Implementing business continuity practices ensures that the appropriate people have access to critical functions; customers, suppliers, managers, and everything that a business needs in order to function.

This is why business continuity cannot be achieved simply through one solution or technology. There is still an intrinsic human element involved in business continuity. Necessary planning and processes need to be put in place in order for a business to fully recover. For this reason, businesses must plan their business continuity strategy on two fronts:

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