Microsoft Azure Hosted Cloud Solutions

The move to the cloud can be intimidating – especially when you have the responsibility of data security and availability for an entire organization. However, the potential benefits of a cloud strategy are clearly worth evaluation. We can help aggregate multiple cloud services and SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, integrating them with in-house apps and customizing them to meet your needs.

With a properly planned and staged transition your move to the cloud can be a strategic advantage.

Ask about our hosted cloud solutions tailored specifically for your business. We have the experience and tools that you need to succeed in the cloud.

Secure Cloud Environments for OGSYS, DocVue, Petra, Conduit, Aries, IHS, and other Energy E&P Applications

We offer a robust, secure and user-friendly hosting environment for OGsys Oil and Gas Accounting Software's premier application, OGSql. Using state of the art Microsoft cloud technology, we host your OGSql application as well as DocVue, Petra, Conduit, Aries, IHS, and other Energy E&P applications for less than a premise based server environment. No capital investment required. You simply "rent" the entire solution including hardware, software, backup & disaster recovery, support, monitoring and maintenance. Contact us today for information on how we can "Transform Your Business Technology".

Businessman Holding Hosted Cloud Solution Concept Image in Hand with Data Center Background

Our Hosted Solution Includes:

The Trusted Cloud