Revolutionary Network Data Discovery and Cyber Risk Management Solution for Businesses

July 4th, 2024 by admin

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Leading MTSP Demystifies Cyber Risks and Gives SMBs Immediate Cybersecurity Roadmap to Security and Compliance

HUNTSVILLE, TX ‐ Parker Data & Voice a leading managed technology services provider, has unveiled a groundbreaking new solution designed to instantly conduct data discovery on an organization’s network, classify risks, and prioritize cybersecurity measures. This advanced technology Parker Data & Voice is bringing to small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) promises to revolutionize how organizations understand and manage their data exposure. In today's digital landscape, the security of sensitive information is paramount. Whether organizations have cybersecurity policies in place or not, most employees still don’t adhere strictly to those policies, exposing the company to unnecessary liability and cyber risks. Parker Data & Voice’s solution will put a stop to these risk factors.

Parker Data & Voice's new solution offers immediate insight into an organization’s network vulnerabilities, highlighting potential risks and providing actionable recommendations. This tool not only scans all devices, servers, and cloud integrations immediately, but it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, enabling businesses to protect critical data stored in Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

A key feature of this solution is its ability to classify data based on sensitivity levels. For instance, it can identify documents containing credit card information and reveal the extent of access within the company. As companies begin to use more AIpowered technology, flaws in data security systems are becoming more apparent. Since AI-powered tools can immediately read, access, and contextualize all company data, if things are left unsecure, employees can inadvertently gain access to highly sensitive information. By doing so, it exposes potential security breaches where sensitive data might be overly accessible, thus compromising the organization's integrity.

"Imagine discovering that a document with credit card information is accessible by 100% of your employees, even though it’s just stored on a single laptop," said Bill Parker, President at Parker Data & Voice. "Our solution makes it possible to instantly pinpoint such vulnerabilities and take corrective action, based on the risk factor.”

As natural language processing tools, like Microsoft’s Copilot will bring many helpful capabilities to organizations, they will also bring to light any improper data access, such as employees viewing information they shouldn't have, like the CEO’s salary details or social security numbers. This new tool ensures compliance with the IT principle of "least privilege," which limits data access to the minimum necessary for job functions.

By classifying risks and quantifying potential financial exposure, the technology provides a clear picture of the liabilities involved. For example, it can reveal a $100k risk associated with certain credit card numbers or social security numbers, on a single laptop and will give that lone, unsecured laptop a 9.7 risk score (on a 10-point scale) that helps Parker Data & Voice prioritize which data to secure first. While cybersecurity has long been a nebulous, ubiquitous risk factor that business owners can never seem to do enough to mitigate, Parker Data & Voice’s new technology helps management to efficiently prioritize their security initiatives and deliver the peace of mind they deserve for being proactive.

“Think of it like autocorrect for your IT infrastructure,” added Parker. “It not only identifies where your data security is lacking but also provides a roadmap to fix those issues. We launched this because it’s important that our clients are empowered to make their own decisions so they’re no longer flying blind in the world of IT security.”

Parker Data & Voice’s solution does not transfer company data anywhere; it simply reads the patterns and generates comprehensive reports. By keeping the data within the company's secure environment, it avoids the pitfalls of exposing information to external systems, like in the case of other tools such as ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Copilot.

As businesses become increasingly aware of the importance of data security, Parker Data & Voice’s innovative solution stands out as an essential tool for managing and protecting sensitive information. With its ability to conduct a network data discovery, classify risks, and prioritize security measures, this technology ensures that businesses stay ahead of potential threats.

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