Security Awareness News - Mobile Device Security

May 31st, 2020 by admin

User in a suit using a mobile phone

Modern smartphones and tablets come equipped with impressive amounts of power and accessibility. They also place a tremendous amount of confidential data in a dangerous location–the public. After all, where we go, our sensitive data follows.

Think about devices and data like this: imagine you own a safe that securely stores the personal items you care the most about. Would you drag that safe out with you in public? Would you pull up a chair for it at a restaurant or throw it on an airplane tray table? Probably not. The whole idea is about protecting whatever is in the safe, which means leaving it in a secure location and not subjecting it to potential loss or theft, even though it’s locked.

Thanks to mobile devices, we’re carrying our “safe” around with us. What would happen if your smartphone ended up in the wrong hands? How much access would someone have to your personal life? All of your contacts, emails, messages, social media accounts, and maybe even your bank accounts, are now at the literal fingertips of a stranger.


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