What Is Cloud and Why Is Crucial for Today's Business World?

August 1st, 2022 by admin

User hand pointing at Cloud grid communications lines.

You must have heard of the word "cloud computing." As every iOS and Android user has enabled cloud services, you might have an idea of what the cloud does. Cloud computing is a business model that allows sharing and communication using servers, databases, software, networking, and analytics with off-site and off-device storage. Cloud services enable better connectivity between the organization's hierarchical structures. This is done by allowing a pool of users to share and work on specific data and files collectively. The cloud has become crucial for today's business era due to its innovative approach to making things easier for usage and handling. Cloud helps businesses organize their workforce needs and their firm's essential data. Moreover, it also helps maintain the work flexibility, create a better working environment, and focus on their business operations more effortlessly yet precisely.

The Best Cloud Hosted Services for Today's Business

Transiting your business to the cloud can be a hectic task, as it requires keen observation and expertise so that your organizational needs are fulfilled. However, you do not have to worry anymore as we have come to your rescue. We have been in this industry since the mid-90s, providing premier managed IT services and business solutions to our clients.

We have a wide range of services to fit traditional models and the latest technological trends. Parker Data & Voice has the right expertise and knowledge to fulfill your IT expectations and business needs.

The Hosted Cloud Solutions

Shifting to the cloud can be chaotic; however, we guarantee a hassle-free transition to the cloud. Well, you might be thinking about how we do that? We do not have any magical wand; instead, we have the right expertise and the proper knowledge to meet your needs more efficiently.

Our hosted cloud solutions help accumulate multiple cloud services and SaaS applications that work with the customization ability. It customizes according to your needs and incorporation with in-house apps.

A Guaranteed Smooth, Secure, and Reliable Transition

Businesses often fear the data breach and other ethical-related data concerns underlying their transition when choosing hosted cloud services. Companies have become quite competitive, and data has become a discriminating factor and holds immense importance. We understand these concerns and guarantee a smooth, secure, and reliable cloud transaction.

How We Ensure the Security and Dependency

We have well-organized cloud services that embed security and privacy using the trusted data center Microsoft's Azure. We provide the ownership of all your data to you and work transparently by letting you know how your data is stockpiled and retrieved. Moreover, we offer hands-on services to your business, as we are ready for you any time you come to us.

The most exciting part about us is that we provide operational services on multiple devices. Whether you are using PCs (including the MacBooks) or Tablets, you can access the cloud on any device. The ease of data transition is so economical and scalable. It aligns our mission to "provide technology solutions that are helpful to our clients, allowing them to improve their operational processes by attaining the competitive advantage, competence, and cost-effectiveness."

We have made this quite a tension-free task for you—we will provide and help you with everything you might need to host your applications and data.


Moving to the cloud might seem a bit unnerving at first; however, the potential benefits of using our hosted cloud services are worth it. You will not have to worry about the capacity utilization and optimization of peak seasons and fluctuating prices. Moreover, additional benefits like cost savings, security of data, protection from a cyber breach, and customization makes our cloud services a wise choice for your businesses.

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